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 Everyone attending in-person meetings or programs will be required to follow all current Government of Alberta COVID-19 regulations, restrictions or mandates.

 Call 403-563-8516 or email to register for sessions.  Our office hours are Monday - Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. 

  All classes and sessions must be paid IN FULL upon registration. Please note that you are not considered officially registered until we receive payment in full.
We accept payment by Interac or cheque (Please note that Interac Debit is tap only up to $100.00).  Cheques are made payable to CROWSNEST PASS ADULT EDUCATION ASSOC. and can be mailed to PO BOX 490 Bellevue, Alberta, T0K 0C0.  A $25.00 NSF fee will be charged for each NSF cheque issued to the Crowsnest Pass Adult Education Association.  
If you pay for a course and do not attend a refund will NOT be given.  
Some Crowsnest Pass Adult Education programs may be subsidized by Alberta Advanced Education
Education and Literacy programs are made possible by a grant from Aboriginal and Community Connections, and Alberta Advanced Education.

**Drop-In Services**

Adult Education offers a variety of support of adults including filling in forms, computer questions, internet access, photocopying, and scanning of documents.  We are here to help you.  

Date and Time:  Call for an appointment 

Location: MDM Community Centre, Room 3

Cost: Free 

Call for more information 

**Literacy Coach (tutor)**

Do you want to make a difference in an adult's life?  Your knowledge, experience, and skills are valuable in helping other adults improve their day to day life.  You do not need to be a certified teacher to help someone change their life.  As a volunteer Literacy Coach you will receive full tutor orientation, training, and workshops to assist adult learners improve their literacy skills.  You will learn how to implement tutoring sessions based upon learner's goals, learning strengths, and literacy levels, have hands-on practice using various tutoring strategies, and become familiar with the Program's resources.

Cost: Free
Call for more information 403-563-8516

**Conversation Cafe for Newcomers**

The Conversation Cafe for Newcomers is a series of fun, activity-based sessions, provides opportunities to improve your conversation skills, chat about what is happening, participate in fun activies and make new friends.  English Language learners who would like to improve their communication skills are encouraged to get involved.  

Dates & Times: Call for information
Cost: $40.00

**Creative Conversation Class**

Do you want to improve your conversation skills?  Having the ability to make small talk, chat about what is going on, or share your thoughts and ideas, are all part of our daily lives. Meeting monthly in a supportive environment, you will build confidence in your speaking skills, make new friends, and have fun while learning.  

Dates and Times:  Call for more information
Cost:  $40.00 

**Meals with Groceries**

Is following a recipe, measuring ingredients, or cooking within a budget challenging? Cooking can be fun and easy! Meals with Groceries uses recipes to improve math, measurement, meal planning and basic budgeting. Hands-on activities will include safety protocols, teamwork, and oral communication. Come join us for two hours each week, for six weeks. Take home new recipes and single-serving low cost dishes that you have prepared. At the end of of the program, you will have a set of recipes, practical experience, and a new sense of confidence. Registration is required.

Date and Time:  Please call for more information
Cost: $30.00 


**Protecting Personal information and You**

Do you know how to keep yourself and your money safe? Do you know how to identify fraud or scams?Every day, fraud or scam attempts happen by phone, text, mail or email.  Don't be a victim! Learn how  to protect yourself and your money in six, 1 1/2 hour interactive sessions.
Registration is required. 

Date and Times:  Call for more information
Cost: $30.00 

**Building Success for  the Workplace**

Do you want to be more successful in the workplace? Do you want to develop new workplace skills and tools? This program targets skills and habits for building  confidence and success at work. Learn how to set goals, build positive relationships, and strengthen communication.
Building Success for the Workplace improves and builds strategies for continued learning, numeracy (math, measurement, working with money), document use, teamwork, time management, and problem-solving. Registration is required.

Dates and Times:  Call for more information
Cost:  $30.00 



Basic Digital Skills

**Let's Talk Tech**

Technology is a big part of our everyday lives. People use technology, including laptops, cell phones and tablets at home, at work, and in the community.  Let’s Talk Tech is for adult learners who want to improve their technology skills, gain confidence, and stay connected.  Learn about computer language, how to find your way around a device, settings, internet safety, and email.  Whether you are 18 years old, 100 years old, or anywhere in between, this hands-on two hour class, once a week for six-weeks, is for you!  You do not own a laptop?  No problem!  You can use one of Adult Education’s laptops.  Registration required.  

Dates, Times and Location:  Call for more information
Cost: $30.00
  **Computers One-on-One**

Brush up on our digital skills in a private one-on-one tutoring session.  Bring your own device or use on of ours.  Appointments are one-hour long unless otherwise specified.

Dates and Times:  By appointment only
Cost: $30.00 per hour


**Standard First Aid, Level C - CPR & AED Certification**

Standard First Aid is first aid for injuries such as head and spinal trauma, fractures of upper and lower limbs and illnesses.  This two-day course covers Level C, CPR training and certification for adult, child, and infant, 2-rescuer resuscitation, and AED training and certification.  Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a bagged lunch.
Dates, Times & Cost:  For more information, email Darryl Johnson, First Aid Instructor, at

**Emergency First Aid - CPR A (Adult) & AED or CPR C (Adult, Child, Infants) & AED**
Emergency First Aid, a one-day course, covers recognizing and providing intervention for life-threatening emergencies until medical aid arrives.  Topics include CPR A (CPR, Choking for Adults) or CPR C (CPR and choking for adults, children and infants), shock, unconsciousness, severe bleeding, head and spinal injuries, major medical conditions and AED training and certification.  Wear comfortable clothing and bring a bagged lunch.
Dates, Times & Cost:  For more information, email Darryl Johnson, First Aid Instructor, at

**Canadian Non-Restricted Firearms Safety Course**

Are you applying for or renewing a Possession and Acquisition Licence?  This one-day course will prepare you for taking the Canadian Non-Restricted Firearm Safety exam, which is required to apply for the Non-Restricted Firearm Possession Acquisition Licence.  

Learn the history, operation, safe handling, storage and safe transport of firearms in preparation for the exam. This course is suitable for anyone 12 years and older, who are seeking general knowledge on the safe use of all types of Non-Restricted Firearms. The registration fee includes the exam and an online link to the manual, which is required to be reviewed prior to the session's start date. The instructor will give registrants their own hard copy of the manual in class.

Government issued photo identification is required.   Please bring a bagged lunch.

Dates, Times & Cost: For more information, call Kai Eckardt, PAL Instructor, at 403-563-9549 or 403-563-3900

**Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course**
This one day course includes:  the evolution of firearms, major parts, types and actions, firing techniques and procedures for handguns, care of restricted firearms responsibilities of the firearms owner/user, safe storage, display, transportation and handling of restricted firearms.  
The registration fee includes the exam and an online link to the manual, which is required to be reviewed prior to the session's start date.  The instructor will give registrants their own hard copy of the manual in class if required.

Participants must provide proof of completion of the Canadian Non-Restricted Firearms course to the instructor.

Dates, Times & Cost: For more information, call Kai Eckardt, PAL Instructor, at 403-563-9549 or 403-563-3900

**GED (General Education Development) Preparation Tutoring**
General Education Development (GED) offered through Lethbridge College, is widely accepted as the equivalent of a high school diploma, opening doors to a more rewarding career, further education, and personal development.  There are five subjects and testing areas:  Language Arts - Reading, Language Arts - Writing, Science, Math and Social Studies. 

Dates & Times:  Call for more information
Cost: $200.00 (Includes textbook, materials, pre-assessment).  Registrants are solely responsible for all related fees.
Anyone requiring a GED textbook and is not registering in the General Education Development Preparation Tutoring session, can purchase a textbook from Crowsnest Pass Adult Education for $35.00.

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