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Courses, Registration and Payment


Adult Literacy

Literacy is reading and writing. When do we read and write in our daily lives?

  • Making appointments

  • Shopping

  • Filling in forms

  • Using the internet

  • Getting a driver’s license

Do you want to improve your reading and writing? Come talk to us about how we can support you.


Numeracy is understanding and working with numbers. When do we use basic math?

  • Measuring

  • Budgeting

  • Managing money

  • Using a calculator

  • Solving problems and making decisions

Do you want to be more confident in using basic math at work and in your daily life? 

Skills For Learning

The Skills for Learning Program includes several courses:


The Success in Life Program offers stress reduction, goal setting, and decision making training.

The Success for the Workplace program focuses on education, skill-building, and career goal setting.

The Creative Conversations program helps improve conversation skills, build confidence, and includes games and guest speakers.

Basic Digital Skills

Do you use digital devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers? Do you want to be more confident in using them? Our Basic Digital Skills programs are for beginner adult learners.

  • Learn to organize, store, share, and process information

  • Stay connected

  • Positive learning environment

  • Small group classes

English Language

Are you new to Canada?

Do you want to improve your English skills? Prepare for the citizenship test?

  • Learn new vocabulary

  • Practice using conversation skills

  • Learn about the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta and Canada

  • Participate in fun activities

  • Make new friends

GED Support

Do you want to get your GED? Preparation for taking the GED Tests is important and key to your success. We can support you in preparing to take the tests with GED study books, learning resources, tutoring, and/or online learning. You choose your path of independent or intensive study.

Learner Support

Learner Support provides information and assistance to adults in many  ways.  

  • Filling in forms

  • Resume writing

  • Access to WIFI

  • Providing a study space

Tell us what you need and we will talk about how we can help.

Firearm Safety

Learn the history, operation, safe handling, storage and safe transport of firearms to prepare you for taking the Canadian Non-Restricted Firearm Safety exam, which is required to apply for the Non-Restricted and Restricted Firearm Possession Acquisition Licence.  

First Aid Courses

Learn standard or emergency first aid skills including how to recognize and treat for shock or unconsciousness, cope with non-breathing casualties and choking emergencies, how to treat wounds and broken bones, and how to manage eye injuries, burns, and environmental illnesses.

Payment and Booking

We accept payment by Interac or cheque (Please note that Interac Debit is tap only up to $100.00).  


Cheques are made payable to

Crowsnest Pass Adult Education Assoc.

and can be mailed to:

PO Box 490 Bellevue, Alberta, T0K 0C0. 


A $25.00 NSF fee will be charged for each NSF cheque issued to the Crowsnest Pass Adult Education Association. 

Call 403-563-8516 or email to register for sessions.  

Laptop and Paperwork

 All classes and sessions must be paid in full upon registration. Please note that you are not considered officially registered until we receive payment in full.

If you pay for a course and do not attend, a refund will not be given. 

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