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Firearms Safety Courses

Are you applying for or renewing a Possession and Acquisition Licence

Non-Restricted Firearms Safety Course

This one-day course will prepare you for taking the Canadian Non-Restricted Firearm Safety exam, which is required to apply for the Non-Restricted Firearm Possession Acquisition Licence.  

Learn the history, operation, safe handling, storage and safe transport of firearms in preparation for the exam.

This course is suitable for anyone 12 years and older, who are seeking general knowledge on the safe use of all types of Non-Restricted Firearms.

Restricted Firearms Safety Course

Participants must provide proof of completion of the Canadian Non-Restricted Firearms course to the instructor.

This one day course includes:  the evolution of firearms, major parts, types and actions, firing techniques and procedures for handguns, care of restricted firearms responsibilities of the firearms owner/user, safe storage, display, transportation and handling of restricted firearms.  

Additional Information

Registration is required

Fee for either class includes the exam and an online link to the manual.

Manual is required to be reviewed prior to the session's start date.

Registrants will receive a hard copy of the manual in class.
Government issued photo identification is required.

Please bring a bagged lunch.

For more information, please call:

Kai Eckardt

PAL Instructor

403-563-9549  or  403-563-3900

The view is from behind a man standing in a wheat field in the late evening sun. He has a rifle raised to his eye and the strap from the rifle hangs in front of him. He is wearing yellow leather cowhide gloves, a dark brown cowboy hat, a tan coloured carhartt jacket and dark denim jeans. To the left in the distance is a forest in dark shade. To his immediate right are a set of moose antlers propped up in the field beside him.
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