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Crowsnest Pass Adult Education Association

Dedicated to lifelong learning

Our mission is to provide equal opportunities for quality, lifelong learning and literacy for adults in the Crowsnest Pass.  
The Crowsnest Pass Adult Education Association is your community's connection to adult learning.  Whether it's providing literacy, proficiency, improving established skills or acquiring new ones, we're here to help you on your path to further knowledge.

We support literacy and education for adults of all ages and backgrounds by offering individual tutoring or group programs including Adult Literacy, Numeracy, Skills for Learning, Basic Digital Skills, and English Language Learning.  As well, we aid with document use, General Education Development (GED) Equivalency preparation, resume support and workplace requirements such as Standard First Aid.  If you, your group, or your business are looking for assistance with any area of education, we want to hear from you.



The Crowsnest Pass Adult Literacy Program helps adult learners improve their reading, writing, math, technology, and communication skills, while developing the learning habits needed to achieve their goals. 


From September to June, trained volunteer Literacy Coaches (tutors) provide learning opportunities that support the literacy goals identified by learners.  Tutoring is offered weekly, in one to two hour sessions, at a convenient time and place that meets learner's needs and schedules.  


Making the choice to improve your skills, or to help others meet their literacy goals, can be life changing. 


For more information about the Literacy Program, please contact our Literacy Programmer, Jill Burnell at 403-563-7757 or to register for programs. 

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